DAYLIGHTS, First Day at EGC – Opening Ceremony

July 23, 2017

Short daily video with clips from the first day, Saturday 22nd July 2017, at European Gliding Championships in Moravská Třebová airfield. Opening Ceremony was held at the Chateau Moravská Třebová at downtown. First competition day, […]

Local Procedures v1.2. updated

July 23, 2017

Dear pilots, Please find updated Local Procedures v1.2 in Documents section. Changed: G.14. – Minimum altitude for crossing the finish ring is 500m AMSL. Yours EGC 2017 team

Opening Ceremony at Chateau Moravská Třebová

July 21, 2017

Opening ceremony of the 19th FAI European Gliding Championships was held at the marvellous Renaissance Chateau Moravská Třebová in the presence of mayor of Moravská Třebová, JUDr. Miloš Izák, vice-mayor Ing. Václav Mačát, mayor of […]

1st TC Briefing

July 18, 2017

Will be situated in a classroom in the building next to the scruteneering hangar at 19:00 LT.

4th unofficial training day

July 18, 2017

RWY08 (club+std grass, 20M asphalt) Aero-tows from 11:30LT or call +420 777 189 173   Radio frequency: 130,55MHz   Airspace   see Released: LKTRA32, LKTRA33 Restricted: TMA and CTR Brno, Pardubice, Namest Occupied: LKTRA31, LKTRA56, […]

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