Booking of Registration and Scrutineering open

Dear Team captains,

In order to speed-up mandatory registration of pilots and registration of scrutineering you are kindly requested to book time slots for pilots/crews of your team.

Login link is in your National Team page, use your personal e-mail and EGC-provided password (see email from 9.6.2017 – EGC 2017 team update). This registration site is external, you have to login separately (direct site link is also here

  • Occupied time slots are marked in colors: registration in BLUE, scrutineering in RED
  • By clicking on vacant time slot (in WHITE) please fill-in name of pilot (mandatory item), call sign and select Registration or Scrutineering
  • You shall allow 20 minutes gap between end of Registration and beginning of Scrutineering
  • You can edit your bookings any time using credentials mentioned above
  • Daily booking overview will be published at EGC website in section FOR PILOTS

Thank you for your cooperation

Yours EGC 2017 team