2nd unofficial training day

RWY 26 (club+std grass, 20M asphalt).Aero-tows from 11:30 or call +420 721 850 627  (RWY was changed at 10:25 AM due to wind condition)

Radio frequency: 130,550 MHz


see http://aisview.rlp.cz/
All LKTRA and LKTSA are free
Restricted: TMA and CTR Brno, Pardubice, Namest
Max. altitude: FL 95

Weather forecasts for Sunday 16th July 2017

At the northern edge of the ridge of high pressure area a warm front will follow from the west, which will begin to show in the afternoon by an increased middle and high cloudiness that will inhibit the convection.


3-5/8 Cu Ac Ci 1500 -1800m MSL, during afternoon gradually 6-8/8 As, Ci. Temperatures 19°C – 21°C, wind 300-320° up to 4-m/s. Usable interval 10-16 hours, average climbing 1,5 m/s will weaken after 15 hour. Recommended area: Jeseníky and NE-SE Morava.


1024 hPa, steady


Sunrise 05:09, sunset 20:57

Length of day 15:48, tomorrow less of 2m5s.