4th unofficial training day

RWY08 (club+std grass, 20M asphalt) Aero-tows from 11:30LT or call +420 777 189 173
Radio frequency: 130,55MHz
Released: LKTRA32, LKTRA33
Restricted: TMA and CTR Brno, Pardubice, Namest
Occupied: LKTRA31, LKTRA56, LKTRA57, LKTRA62, LKTRA72, LKTRA76,
                    LKTRA77, LKTRA78, LKTRA79, TSA2A, TSA2B, TSA3A
Max. altitude:FL95
Weather forecasts for Tuesday 18th July 2017
Weak frontal system is decaying in the area of high pressure.
3-5/8 Cu 1000-1500m MSL, afternoon: up to 1900m MSL and especially in mountains 4-6/8 Ac. In the afternoon also development of massive Cu and after 15:00LT local overcast expected. Temperatures 24-26°C, wind blows from eastern sector 2-4 m/s (expected to be variable). Usable interval from 16-17:00 LT except for the northern mountain region.


1020 hPa, steady


Sunrise 05:03, sunset 20:53