Daily info – 1st competition day, 23/7/2017



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Short daily video with clips from the first day, Saturday 22nd July 2017, at European Gliding Championships in Moravská Třebová airfield. Opening Ceremony was held at the Chateau Moravská Třebová at downtown. First competition day, Sunday 23rd July 2017, we started at 10:00 LT by morning briefing. First expected lunch was at 11:30 LT. Due to the cold front we have postponed launches till 15:30 LT then the organisers decided to cancel tasks for all classes. For tomorrow the weather forecast is not looking in the best colours but let’s surprise ourselves. 

Next morning briefing, Monday 24th July, at 10:00 LT at the Hangar 1.

Please find updated Local Procedures v1.2 in Documents section.

Changed: G.14. – Minimum altitude for crossing the finish ring is 500m AMSL.

Task is canceled due to bad weather conditions.


Club and Standard Class:
08:30-10:00 LT
10:30-11:15 LT
20M Class (slot time):
09:00-10:00 LT
10:30-11:15 LT

Briefing 10:00 LT at Hangar I.

Expected first launch at 11:30 LT

Published Grid Order for classes:

Grid Order

20M Grid Order with time slot
Standard grid with NO time slot
Club grid with NO time slot