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By sending this registration form you agree with data processing for the purpose of EGC2017 competition operated by Aeroklub Moravská Třebová in a secure database. Data can be shared with the Aeroklub of the Czech Republic.
You agree with publishing your name, nationality, qualification and sporting results, or some specific data from EGC competition for media purposes.
On EGC2017 website will be constantly updated additional information related to competition. It is highly recommended to check the website regularly.

Pilot will submit upon registration at EGC 2017 office:

– Valid Pilot License or equivalent document
– Proof of qualification regarding hours and badges (at least 250 hours as pilot in command, thereof 100 hours in sailplanes, gold or silver badge, completed two National Championships)
– Current medical certificate (if required by pilot’s licensing country)
– Valid FAI Sporting License
– TUE – Therapeutic Use Exemption

– Registration Certificate
– Valid Certificate of Airworthiness or Valid Permit to Fly or Temporary Certificate of Airworthiness
– Valid weight and balance record
– Third Party Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum coverage for MTOW up to 500 kg 750.000 SDR (approx. 870.000 EUR), for MTOW above 500 kg to 1000 kg 1.500.000 SDR (approx. 1.800.000 EUR)
– Valid FR calibration certificates (issued after 6.8.2012)
– Installation Proximity warning system (Flarm) and OGN Flarm Registration